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Over the years your pet has become an important member of your family with their own personality and habits. Facing the death of this family member can be very difficult. The caring professionals at Companion Memorial Crematorium are always working to help families through this tough time.

Our cremation center has an area and cremation chamber dedicated solely and completely to companion animal cremation. We provide you with many options, allowing your family to feel comfortable with the difficult decisions you must make. You can trust us to always treat your pet with dignity and respect.

From the first time you hold a pet, a bond begins to grow. Pet owners usually take great measure to make sure their pet receives regular healthcare, a balanced diet, grooming and plenty of exercise. In return the pet offers unconditional love and constant companionship. It’s only natural then for a pet to be thought of as a member of the family. With the death of a pet, the family often experiences the same grief and sense of loss as it would for the “human” members of the family.

For the comfort of our community, Companion Memorial Crematorium offers a separate crematory, as well as a private viewing parlor, dedicated exclusively to pet cremation.

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